About Us

We are the leading Tyre and Battery chain in Zambia. We own and operate 15 stores throughout Zambia. We are committed to making Zambia’s roads safer one tyre at a time by being the leader in providing vehicle owners with world-class brands, expert service and the latest technology.


“To be the best we can be as people, as a community and as a company.”

Our Mission

To provide economy and quality minded vehicle owners with great value products and services in a facility which is consistently perceived as clean, professional, well maintained and attractive, staffed by friendly attentive, efficient and happy people..


The following are our values; Trustworthiness, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship.

Our Story

Tyre King Enterprises Limited incorporated in 1995. The same year we opened a retail outlet in Lusaka selling second hand tyres and remoulded tyres from the UK. After a year of operating we decided to move into selling new tyres and we ceased dealing in used tyres. Initially we imported a brand from Thailand. The next few years we opened a further three outlets all of which were full fitment centres, two of these were on the Copperbelt. At the same time, we expanded the range in terms of brand and size. The following years we opened a further 4 outlets in Lusaka and expanded the categories of tyres we dealt in to include Agricultural, Industrial and OTR. The past years has seen Tyre King open an additional 8 outlets most of which are in Lusaka, with two of the outlets situated in Choma and Kabwe.


Tyre-King is now one of the leading, specialized automobile Tyre retailers in Zambia currently operating in sixteen (16) Tyre sales and fitment outlets in Zambia. Today, Tyre-King operates 16 branches of which 15 are fully fitted service centers in the principle cities of Lusaka, Kabwe, Kitwe, Ndola and Choma. Additionally, our head office is on Buyantanshi road with a truck fitment center.
Tyre-King’s objectives are to continue increasing its market share in the Tyre sector, refine its supply in automotive accessories, expand tyre sales operations, develop tyre supply into the mining sector and consolidate our position as the best value for money tyre supplier in Zambia. We plan to expand our service sector to include the repair of steering and suspension on vehicles by providing a limited supply of spare parts.


We are revolutionizing the way we work and meeting customer requirements consistently, confidently, economically and competitively. Our employees are motivated with high reputation of excellent service.

Tyre King is committed to continuous improvement towards satisfying our customers’ requirements at the lowest cost through harnessing everyone’s commitment. We apply this approach throughout all our branches so as to augment our close working relationship with our customers. Our new branches are well equipped with good fitting / wheel balancing machines to improve operations.



Tyre King is dedicated to supplying its customers with new tyres and other vehicle accessories of excellent quality, which are competitively priced, safe and effective in use. Our aim is to provide all our customers with every product and service we offer. We have dependable suppliers who are an important link in the value chain to avoid shortages or delays.

It is our Policy to maintain a Quality System within the Company appropriate to meeting these objectives. Our Area Manager will attend to you in all areas of quality and offer technical training to your staff on how to use the tyres profitably. He will also ensure that all your concerned employees are fully informed of the product. Our quality training on tyre knowledge is a comprehensive and practical based on delivering customer satisfaction and enhancing the value of using our products.

When you choose Tyre-King, you choose a brand that cares: for you, for your vehicle, and for the community. Together we can make Zambia’s roads safer.

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